About Us

About Us

Wlopak also provides special production services as a manufacturer of bonnets, overshoes, arm sleeves and masks. The products we produce in different colors and specifications with special production can be produced in different thicknesses according to customer areas. The products offered according to their usage areas are capable of meeting the needs.

We pay attention to the production of the product we have made, the production of quality, hygienic and harmless to nature with our expert team. The types of products we offer to you.

We open the doors of a hygienic environment by serving many sectors with bonnets, overshoes, sleeves and masks, which are rapidly becoming widespread. We meet your demands in the fastest way in order to provide you with the most appropriate head of all the services we have done, and to convey them in the most accurate way with our smiling and happy customers.


Turkey and the world in which we WLOPAK firms have the necessary investment to increase brand awareness caps, shoe covers, sleeves and masks in the manufacturing sector has been operating for 12 years. We make on behalf of market trends and growth in Turkey and We are the only company in writing with galoshes galoshes kinds of varieties in all areas of the world.

Wlopak - "Hygiene is Health"

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